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Mon. May 4th 2015
Ladder Training

This year KVFD firefighters are focusing on getting back to basics. This Monday firefighters worked with ladders. The crew sp...

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Sat. May 2nd 2015
Firefighters Run in 5k

~~The morning of the Cheat River Music Festival starts with a 5K run that attracts athletes, walkers and families from West V...

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Fri. Apr 24th 2015
Company 5 gets Special Visitors

The afternoon of April 24th KVFD was greeted by some special visitors from Brazil. Five firefighters of the Environmental Pro...

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6 entries the in Call History
Wed. Sep 28th 2011
At 20:45 Company 5 and Company 12 were alerted for a structure fire on Ken Snyder Road. Company 5 responded with 3 units. Once on scene 5-2 established Ken Snyder Road command. Engine 5-5 hit the hydrant and laid 4 inch supply line into engine 5-7. 5-2 called the fire under control at 21:10. Company...
Wed. Sep 14th 2011
At 9:56 Company 5 responded for a MVC over the embankment and on its top with the patient still in the vehicle. Company 5 arrived on scene Chief 5 established Route 7 command. Command was terminated and Company 5 cleared at 10:23
Wed. Sep 14th 2011
At 16:10 Company 5 was alerted for a structure fire at 239 Morgan street.Company 5 responded with 2 units. 5-2 established Morgan Street command. Upon Company's 5 arrival the caller had most of the fire out. KVFD checked for extension of the fire and command was terminated. Company 5 cleared at...
Fri. Sep 2nd 2011
At 16:44 Preston 911 alerted Command 5 of another MVC on Veterans Memorial Highway. Command 5 advised he had no extra man power at the time, due to being at the MVC at the Oaks. But advised Preston 911 they would respond when they got the MVC cleaned up. Company 5 handled traffic...
Fri. Sep 2nd 2011
At 16:11 Company 5 was alerted for a MVC on the Oaks. Company 5 responded with 2 units. Company 5 arrived on scene and 5-2 established Oaks Command. Company handled traffic control and contained a spill. KVFD clearing at 16:48.
Thu. Sep 1st 2011
At 21:32 Company 5 was alerted for a Tractor Trailer over the embankment on Caddell Mountain. Company 5 responded with 3 Units. KVFD arrived on scene with 5-2 establishing Caddell Mountain Command and advising Preston 911 to notify Mon Power ASAP due to the power lines being ...
6 entries the in Call History
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