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Mon. Oct 12th 2020
KVFD has recently invested into some new decon equipment. Some brushes, 5-gallon buckets, garden hoses with nozzles, and some adapters for engine output to garden hoses were ordered to clean up our ge...
Mon. Aug 17th 2020
Today, KVFD firefighters went to the Manown area and flow tested several hydrants, testing their capabilities of pressure and flow available in the case of a fire. Visited areas included Dinkenberger ...
Tue. Jun 23rd 2020
The 2020 Buckwheat Festival has unfortunately been canceled this year due to the unknown future of the COVID-19 virus. the 80th Annual Buckwheat Festival will take place September 30th through October...
Mon. Jun 15th 2020
Over this past weekend the Kingwood VFD hosted its 3rd annual golf tournament at the Preston Country Club. The members of the KVFD would like to thank all of the sponsors and volunteers who helped mak...
Thu. May 14th 2020
Due to the restrictions on social gatherings and self serve buffets, the KVFD has decided to cancel the June firefighter’s breakfast.

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